Den internationale filmklipper-sammenslutning TEMPO – Federation of Film Editors Associations har i dag udsendt et støttebrev til filmmagernes rettighedskamp i Danmark.

The Board of TEMPO – Federation of Film Editors Associations, representing more than 30 organizations worldwide, stands in strong support of filmmakers in Denmark in their pursuit of the payment of fees for authorship rights.

We are of the opinion that rights agreements should be based on local and regional
customs and legislation, including the European Union’s DSM directive, which stipulates
such payments should be in reasonal proportion to the actual use. The ever-changing
international media landscape should not diminish, nor nullify, any existing rights of the
artists involved.

We call upon industry stakeholders and politicians to acknowledge these rights, and
solidify legislation and agreements that strive to preserve these rights in the future.

Job ter Burg NCE – Nederlandse Vereniging van Cinema-Editors – The Netherlands
Alexander Berner BFS – Bundesverband Filmschnitt Editor e.V. – Germany
Are Syvertsen NFK – Norske Filmklippere – Norway
Baptiste Saint-Dizier LMA – Les Monteurs Associés – France
Cacho Briceño SCEV – La Sociedad Cinematográfica de Editores de Venezuela
Charles Godin BE Montage – Association of Belgian Editors – Belgium
Giusy Naitana Dansk Filmklipperselskab – Society of Danish Film Editors – Denmark
Maria Grazia Pandolfo AMC – Associazione Montaggio Cinematografico e Televisivo (Italy)

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